Strip clubs Barcelona

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How To Spend Your Money Wisely At Strip Clubs

So, you just admitted how much you love those lap dances while sipping expensive drinks. However, if you are not too careful, you could end up emptying your pockets to its very last content in just one night at a strip club.
For you to indulge in loads of fun with no need to run out of funds, here are a few quick tips on how to enjoy yourself without spending all your cash, or that of your wife, that is.

Learn to Say No

This two-letter word can go a long way in helping you save money when inside a strip joint. Say no to the extras offered by strippers. Think of it as saying no to dessert offered in your favorite restaurant. Don’t forget that you are there to enjoy, not to throw away your hard-earned cash.

Forget the Debit Cards

It is easy to feel like a kid in an arcade the moment you step inside a Strip club Barcelona. All of a sudden, money is not an issue and you feel like wanting to play every arcade game there is. But, being an adult man you are, your ATM will be the first one to suffer if you are not too careful or mindful of your expenses. To avoid regrets, leave your card behind and just take with you a definite amount of cash. This way, you can set an absolute limit and you can restrain yourself better.

Act Like a Regular

Strippers know it when you are a regular or a first timer so better act like a patron to give yourself a big favor. You might even lower the price with low-balling. If you are visiting a strip club in a famous city, they may assume that you are a tourist and they may quote you any price. Compare prices instead. If you can, bring coupons from other clubs. Be mindful of how much you pay for a lap dance, too.

Go on Off Days

Special event nights and weekends are a torture in the strip clubs in Barcelona. The place is crowded and prices go beyond the ceiling. A solid Thursday night can be a good choice when there is a light crowd and even drink specials. It would also be easier for you to bargain on these nights.

Visit on Your Birthday

For some reason, people like watching other people enjoy denim scrubs and such a voyeuristic desire happen during birthdays. Visit a strip club on your natal day, and your friends would definitely not think twice of spending their money on you. Consider it a gift to yourself.

Drink Before You Leave

It doesn’t matter if you are in a strip club or not but this is basic economics. You’d want to show up drunk to save money on drinks. This way, you just have to buy a single drink so that you won’t be a complete freeloader with no need to finish things too fast. This façade can go a long way and might just bring it some extra thrill to your night.

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